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Compassionate Podiatry


Our mission is to provide  personalized, high quality podiatry in Forest Lake. We are dedicated to improving and maintaining your health through preventative care and treating chronic diseases. 

Experienced Podiatry Professional

Murray is a fully quallified and endorsed podiatrist. He began with degrees in Chemistry and Biology before completing a Masters Honours degree in Anatomy. After two years of Lecturing Anatomy he studied Podiatry at the Queensland University Of Tecnology where he graduated with Distinction and the C.W Graves Memorial Award For Orthotics.

Endorsed For Schedualed Medicines


Murray Paton was the first Podiatrist to attain endorsement to prescribe medications through the Queensland University Of Technology. This qualification enables him to provide a complete range of treatment options.

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Ingrown Nail Surgery


Murray has a keen interest in nail surgery and teaches the proceedure to the students of QUT. He pays paticular attention to patient comfort during the proceedure. For the needle phobic he is fully qualified to prescribe a sedative or administer Penthrox inhaled anaesthetic. He is also qualified to prescribe antibiotics if the need arises.

Biomechanics and Sports Injuries


At Forest Lake Podiatry we offer diagnosis and treatment of sporting and overuse injuries using biomechanical assessment and in-house diagnostic ultrasound. 

Routine Footcare


Murray Paton continues to offer a high level of ongoing care for corns, callus, and nails.

Childrens Feet


Children suffer from many aches and pains of the feet and legs, many of which can be directly related to feet which are functioning incorrectly. The vast majority of children diagnosed with 'growing pains' are found to have some dysfunction of the feet or legs, which will respond to simple realignment.



Forest Lake Podiatry Clinic uses state of the art computer aided design and manufacture of soft and firm orthotics in house. This results in excellent outcomes and fast turnaround.

Diabetic Foot Inspections and Footcare.


Diabetes can impact the feet in several ways. Elevated blood sugar can result in impaired circulation and deminished sensation. Both of these factors increase  the possibility of infection and amputation. Studies have shown that ongoing podiatric care can save many feet from this frightening outcome.

Conditions we treat

Plantar fasciitis



Ingrown Toenails (Onychocryptosis)

Mortons Neuroma

Sever's Disease

Corns and Callus

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